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Finding a Highly Dependable Ring Stick Up Camera It is a fact worth noting that the ring stick up camera is a camera that is capable of streaming a live surveillance video of the home straight through the owner’s smartphone or tablet. An amazing fact is that the camera has some fascinating features, and one of them is that it is water resistant meaning that it can be installed anywhere in the home and can be used outdoors or indoors. The camera is also WiFi enabled thus it does need a cable to connect to the internet and it is motion-activated thus does not need to be manually controlled. It is important to state that the camera can be used together with a Ring Video Bell or used separately. An amazing fact worth stating is that the camera gives the user motion-activated video alerts through the free Ring App, which can be used on any mobile operating system, be it Android, iPhone, and even Windows. This feature enables the user to monitor the home even if they are in another country and immediately act if anything is amiss. After being activated the camera allows the user to talk with the person near the camera by using an inbuilt microphone and speaker in the camera. It is important to note that the video captured by the camera is a high-density video thus delivers unmatched video clarity and the camera has infrared LEDs that allow monitoring of the house around the clock. The other extra features have been added to the camera such as uploading of videos to a cloud recording service that enables the user to record, store all video footage in the cloud, and access them at any time and from any place. The other benefit of the camera is that it is easy to install and does not need the help of a professional. Another important thing to note is that the surveillance system is also expandable and allows the user to add any number of Ring devices to a single interface thus the user can create a two-camera system or even a complete whole-home motion-activated surveillance system. In addition the camera is compatible with other devices such as Ring Video Doorbells and the Ring App can work with certain other smart locks. The Ring application has an automatic notification system that detects any unauthorized access to the Ring Account and everyone added to the information list is notified.
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The other upside of the Ring Stick Up Cam is simple to install and comes with two do-it-yourself installation options and all the required hardware and tools involved. The camera has an adjustable bracket that allows the user to angle the camera in whatever angle that they want and the unit is powered by a pre-installed rechargeable lithium battery that uses a USB to charge.A 10-Point Plan for Security (Without Being Overwhelmed)

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