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A Look at the Life Story of Mrs. India, Deepali Phadnis

It’s hard to argue with the fact that every woman in the world today, if given the opportunity, would want to become a beauty queen. It is not just wishful thinking or a hopeless reverie, since part of being a woman is taking pride in being beautiful. But the sad reality of today’s standards in labeling someone as beauty queen material is very dumbfounded and ignorant, as those who are slim and petite are the only ones looked upon as beautiful.

But there’s one very interesting woman in India who’s about to change the perspective of being a beauty queen. The woman is Deepali Phadnis and this is her amazing story.

Deepali’s dream, just like so many other young girls in the country, was to someday be crowned Miss India. Back when she was younger and during her teens, she had no problem becoming a prospective beauty pageant contestant because she was tall, slim, and full of big dreams. Unfortunately for her, the family belonged to the middle class, which meant that education for young ones is the sole priority of life.
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While she didn’t stop from dreaming of becoming a beauty queen, her world came tumbling down after an unfortunate incident happened in her life. Back in 2006, Deepali met an accident that seriously threatened her life, but fortunately she only got a ligament injury and bone fractures. Her injuries forced her to remain in bed and get rest for about six months. The bed rest made her feel awful because she couldn’t do any physical activity back then, which corresponded to her gaining a lot of weight.
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Thanks to her family and her special someone, Devadatta Mahapatra, Deepali took it upon herself to get healed and get back on track. Although it took about four years before she successfully shed the extra weight, the important thing was that she was very motivated to do it in order to get back to the job of achieving her dreams. But this time, she no longer could compete for Miss India since she decided to tie the knot with Devadatta. Quite surprisingly, even the change of her civil status didn’t become a hindrance in fulfilling her dream.

And because her husband was quite supportive of her, she eventually decided that she’d join the Mrs. India pageant instead. Her purpose of joining was not just to prove to herself that she has what it takes to take her dream to the next level, but to mainly win the crown. And yes, she did it by winning the Mrs. India International – Chennai title in 2011, and then followed it up with the Mrs. Asia International crown the year after.

With her amazing achievement and the fact that she had to endure so many obstacles along the way, Deepali Phadnis has effectively established herself as a beauty icon in her country. What’s even more amazing is that aside from being a beauty icon in India, she also is a prominent figure in raising awareness about diabetes. She is a rare story of a woman who succeeded even with the odds stacked up against her.

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